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2018 Stewardship Letter

01.22.18 | by Rev. Dr. Gary J. Carstens

2018 Stewardship Letter

    Pledge Card for the Support of Ministry at GRACE

    In God’s Holy Word, He tells us that He loves a CHEERFUL GIVER.  Just as we all attempt to be good stewards of our own households, God offers us the opportunity to give thanks and be good stewards of HIS HOUSE; the church.  After all, what do we have that doesn’t already belong to the Lord?

    We don’t give to “the Budget,” we cheerfully “GIVE TO THE LORD,” trusting that “all things work together for good for them that love the Lord.”  Therefore, we now have an opportunity to covenant with God for the support and work of His kingdom at Grace. 

    These pledge cards WILL NOT BE OPENED OR REVIEWED BY ANYONE.  The cards will be placed in a sealed box and placed under the altar for the next year as a visual reminder of OUR PLEDGE to support and give thanks for what the Lord has done for each of us.  With a heart of gratitude, let’s rise to offer from our “first fruits” and trust that the best is yet to come!  Search your heart in prayer and complete the form.

    I / We pledge to support the work of the Lord at GRACE as follows:

    ___________    weekly  (insert either a dollar amount or a percentage)

    ___________    monthly(insert either a dollar amount or a percentage)

                    Special offering for ________________________________________________

                    Endowment Support _______________________________________________