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Baptism is more than just a symbol, ritual, or initiation into a church.  Baptism is the work of God through water and the word that claims us as his child, forgives us of our sins, and assures us of eternal life.  At Grace Lutheran Church we baptize infants and adults because as the scripture says in Acts 2:39 "This promise is for you and your children..."  Please speak with Pastor Carstens or the church office about scheduling a baptism at Grace.  


Levels of Belonging

At Grace Lutheran Church we understand that joining a church is a decision that should not be taken lightly.  We want all people to feel that they have a place in the life and ministry of our church, whether you are here for the first time, a regular visitor, or full member.  We have three levels of belonging at Grace Lutheran Church. 

1) Friend of Grace - A friend of Grace comes to worship and participates in all the ministries of our church, but does not hold an office or vote in congregational meetings. 

2) I Believe - Communing friends of Grace are those who believe and accept the our teaching on the Lord's Supper being the Real Presence of Christ in with and under the bread and wine.  Communing friends are listed in the directory and are able to head up ministries at Grace.

3) I Am Committed - Committed Friends of Grace have chosen to unite with Grace Lutheran Church through full membership.  Full members are able to serve in church offices, vote in congregational meetings, and support the ministry with time, talents, and treasure.  

Dive In

Becoming a full member of Grace Lutheran Church is an easy path.  

1) Transfer - If you are a member of a Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod congregation and would like to transfer your membership to Grace simply speak to the church office and we will formally request a transfer from your home congregation. 

2) Affirmation of Faith - If you are a baptized and confirmed member of a Lutheran congregation that is not a part of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod and would like to become a member of Grace, please speak with the Pastor and arrangements can be made to become a full member by affirming your Christian faith.

3) Discover Grace Lutheran Church - DGLC is a ten week class for those who are new baptized as adults or for those desiring to unite with Grace from non-Lutheran church bodies.  DGLC is a great way to ask questions about the Lutheran Church, our beliefs, our practices. and traditions.  The DGLC class is typically offered twice a year in the Fall and Spring.